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No Tempering Valve Installed? Very Risky…

Today we want to talk about Tempering Valve’s and what they mean for you, your friends & and family!

Tempering Valves are a safety device that protects people from extreme heat(70 degrees+) being produced by your hot water tank that can cause 3rd-degree burns in a few seconds, uniquely designed to safe guard the young or the elderly – how does is this relevant to you?

Whether you’re a Real Estate Agent or a Homeowner, you’re taking responsibility in your duty of care for people in your property who may use hot water by ensuring there is a 0% chance that they end up with 3rd-degree burns.

How does a Tempering Valve actually work?

A tempering valve mixes your hot and cold water to deliver the hot water at a constant temperature.
Tempering valves have a temperature sensitive element which adjusts the mix depending on the temperature of the incoming water flowing through the valve.
The mechanism is a sliding valve that varies the ratio of hot and cold water that is allowed to pass.
The valve is designed to maintain a constant outlet temperature, reducing the risk of accidental scalding with it typically being controlled to within + or – 3%.

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